This Wide Night


 A tender portrayal of two women trying to start again

On her release from prison, Lorraine heads straight to Marie’s.

On the inside they used to share everything but the friendship that once protected them now threatens to smother the fragile freedom they have found.


“THIS WIDE NIGHT explores the importance and uniqueness of relationships formed in prison: how they can, or perhaps cannot exist in another context;

and resettlement where ‘freedom’ can actually feel like a very bleak and frightening concept.”


Playwright Chloe Moss

THIS WIDE NIGHT premiered in 2008 by Clean Break at Soho Theatre

before a National Tour of theatres and Women’s Prisons.


A Moveable Theatre:

A New Initiative to examine choices for Women on Release from Prison.

Written in a Women’s Prison

Workshopped with Brisbane Women Serving a Sentence

Performed to Support Workers of Women Serving a Sentence

and Recently Released from Prison.

Comments made by Women from our Prison workshop

About life inside:

We all wear blue Inside- we’re all just Smurfs


We are all stripped back to who we really are – no games / no dickheads


Better to stay to yourself – I make acquaintances – not friends


I told Women who tried to share their outside lives, I have TV for the outside world, not you.

About life outside:

 Expectations start from day one, All expectations start at once, It’s like being a contestant on SURVIVOR

Even when I’m inside my family can be targeted because of me. Police pull them up because they see my licence plate. It builds resentment.

The longer the sentence or the more often you go in, the more your circle shrinks outside.