Wake Up Beauty

Raised to be Independent by Manly Fairy, Airy Fairy and Rock Fairy

Beauty is a feisty young woman that can take care of herself!

But When Jealous Forest Fairy casts a Spell on her 16th Birthday,

They need your help to travel through time to WAKE UP BEAUTY!

” Instead of the demure 19th century nursery tale, 
it’s a boisterous romp, told in verse. 
Like the previous work of this company, A Moveable Theatre, 
it’s fun and astutely conceived for its toddler to kinder audience.
Written and directed by Terry Hansen, who also plays Manly Fairy (his jersey has wings) and with music by Jess Ciampa 
(Rock Fairy), this is a colourful energetic theatre 
in a marvellous setting.”


The ‘A’ List – Sun Herald